This project was created with support from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

Dimensions of Air recreates narratives of paranormal experiences inspired from internet chatrooms, dreams, and visions, and includes audio from my interviews with people who have had paranormal experiences as well as audio from Paranormal Investigator's case files. As these varying narratives interweave, similar themes of loss and a desire to understand a world beyond the visible and rational emerges.

Sociological studies and theories in quantum physics posit that reality is shaped by majority
consensus and is a participatory process between our psychology and the outside world.
Perception and even vision is largely culturally learned. Recently, paranormal
counterculture has been moving from the margins to the mainstream in America. Paranormal
investigative reality television shows are gaining popularity, although by definition, the
specters they chase remain elusive. “Dimensions of Air” aspires to investigate the ways we
perceive meaning through our own narratives constructions as cultural norms continue to
shift in times of cultural uncertainty.

DIMENSIONS OF AIR 2013. Single-Channel Video