I am intrigued by interpersonal relationships – how they form, how they dissolve, and their delicate underpinnings. I approach my artwork as an opportunity to explore this fascination, and consequently have moved increasingly toward working directly with members of the public. Through my continuing investigation of private needs and public expectations, my work presents a dialogue between the external battles we must face and the internal landscape we need to preserve.

Because I feel that face-to-face contact is lacking in contemporary American society, I wish to literally bridge that distance in my method of art making. Working with willing participants from my community in a one-on-one format, I engaged with various individuals to create performance videos and audio conversations, which I edit and integrate into an installation environment. This process of working outside of an art context brings me into intimate contact and dialogue with people who are outside of my social network, and helps my ideas develop within a broad framework that joins art with life.