Editor’s Pick in The Atlantic
The Atlantic, Written by Jaclyn Skurie 01/06/2016

Featured in UPWORTHY
Written by Matt Leibowitz 12/03/2015

“This Woman is Washing Out the Stigma of Homelessness”

MSNBC, Aired on the Melissa Harris Perry Show 8/15/2015

“What One Woman Learned from Giving Free Haircuts to the Homeless”

ThinkProgress, written by Bryce Covert 8/12/2015

“Hair Salon on Wheels Tries to Inspire Mobility in Homeless Clients”

Huffington Post, written by Peak Johnson for Newsworks 8/03/2015

“Traveling Salon Offers Barber, Beauty Services for the Homeless”

Philadelphia Inquirer, written by Sarai Flores 7/4/2015

“Mobile Salon Serving the Homeless is Coming to Philadelphia”

Generocity.org, written by Kristen Gillette 4/16/2015

“Artist Gives Philadelphia’s Homeless a Makeover”

NBC News 10, written by Zach Becker 6/19/2015

 “On Caring” hosted by Jovana Stokic, Transborder Art Series by Graciela Cassel
Air Date on Brooklyn Public TV: 3/17/2015

Participant Nahomie Marcena Featured by A Blade of Grass

A Blade of Grass: Reports from the Field, Published 10/17/2014

Reports from the Field: Beauty in Transition panel hosted by A Blade of Grass

6:00pm Feb 18th  17 West 17th Street. Free and open to the public

Jody Wood was a guest speaker at More Art’s Engaging Artist Workshop.

6:30pm July 10th  Judson Memorial Assembly Hall. Free and open to the public

Jody Wood was a presenter at the 2014 Open Engagement Conference.

Open Platform presentation took place on May 17, 2014 at the Queens Museum

Beauty in Transition included in multimedia web exhibit featured by
University of Oregon.

Curated by Chad Kautzer and Robin Gallite

Community Philosophy Institute UO Philosophy Department
Beauty in Transition featured in Vienna Project: Hair Code.
Curated by Ildiko Meny

 Review of Beauty in Transition in Denver, Colorado on Rocky Mountain PBS:
- Stream from PBS
- MP3 on SoundCloud

Archive press

Editorial Magazine, Issue #10:
"Interview with Jody Wood"
Whitney Mallett, April 2014

Rocky Mountain PBS:
"Not Exactly Homeless"
Carrie Saldo, June 2013

Seoulist Magazine: Extraordinary Expats: Artist Jody Wood

Sonja Swanson, April 2012.

Critical Correspondence: "Jesse Darling and Jody Wood in conversation"

Movement Research Center, August 2011.

Perspective: "SUPERGIRL!" at Nexus Gallery
Jonathan Wallis for Philadelphia City Paper, December 2009.

Passing Permanence
Frank Tankard for Lawrence.com, June 2008 (cover).

Blart: 'Communicable 2006' at WET Gallery
Annie Wagner for the Stranger, September 2006.